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Ring in 14 or 18 kt white gold

Gemstone: ruby (diameter 4 mm, round faceted)

Quality AA (contact us to set other quality of stone)

Ring: 6.5 mm top, 4 mm bottom, 1.4 mm thickness
Round plate: diameter 14 mm and thickness 1.5 mm, structure around stone in 14 or 18 kt rose gold

Size Chart Rings

Lettertype engraving

R002-21 - stone round 4 mm

  • Order at "Interesting facts" - Size chart rings

    0.00 euros + possible shipping costs

  • Quality A = color reasonable intensity, does not reflect light, basic quality
    Quality AA = color medium intensity, reflects some light, contains light images visible with eye
    Quality AAA = color high intensity, high gloss, very small inclusions may be visible with eye
    Quality AAAA = color very high intensity, extra high gloss, best quality

Anker 1
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